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Enter the URL/link of the Facebook video that you wish to convert to MP3/MP4 & download. See all supported websites below.


Click the  Convert button to begin the conversion process. It takes some seconds for any lenght video. Very fast online converter.


Select Video Download OR MP3 Download format bitrate quality like 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps or 320 kbps. All done!

Facebook Video Downloader - Free Download Online Facebook Videos

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms, and almost everybody has a Facebook account. In the starting, Facebook is designed specifically to connect people around the world but now it's not just a social website, it's now become the video streaming platform same as YouTube even with the greater features. Almost every user is watching videos on FaceBook, and what happens if someone likes the video and wants to save it? Well, he/she want to download that video. Now let's see, how to save a video from Facebook? Although there are so many online tools are available for this purpose but we offer one of the best tools for this purpose named Facebook Video Downloader.

With our free video downloader, you can download Facebook videos instantly because it's light, reliable, fast, and easy to use. FB video downloader same as YouTube Downloader and Dailymotion Downloader is very simple to use and you don't need to install any extension or software to download video from Facebook. It's always free, and available online, just visit facebook downloader and you can download any Facebook video to mp3 and mp4, choice is all yours.

While using our free FB video downloader, you don't need to register our site, and also there is no restriction and limitations using this tool. As we discussed earlier, you can download from Facebook in mp3 and mp4, also we provide all quality options of mp3 and mp4 that FaceBook has. You can save video from Facebook in HD quality along with other quality options such as 144p, 240p, 320p, 480p, 720p, and of course 1080p. For mp3 we offer all format bit rates such as 64, kbps, 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps, or 320 kbps.

This amazing video downloader is compatible with all devices such as smartphones, PC or Laptops, and MAC. Also, it works on all browsers such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

How to Download Videos from Facebook?

In order to download a video from Facebook, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Open a video that you want to save or download.
  • Tap on the 3 dots or click on the 3 dots from the upper right corner.
  • Click on the Copy link (Video link will be copied)
  • Paste that link into the input box of Facebook Video Downloader at
  • Select the file mp3 or video in which format you want to download.
  • Hit enter or click on the Convert button.
  • Wait for a few seconds and you'll get the result.
  • Select the quality of mp3 or video, and downloading will automatically start.
  • Enjoy your Facebook stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions for Facebook Video Downloader

How to download Facebook videos?

In order to download your favorite FB videos in mp3 or mp4, just copy the video URL by clicking on the three dots. Now paste it into our Facebook Video Downloader, select the file format mp3 or video, and click on the convert button. You'll get your desired files, finally, select one, and downloading will begin.

What is Facebook Video Downloader?

Facebook video downloader is an online tool presented by that allows you to download any Facebook video in mp3 and mp4. It's 100 percent free and easy-to-use and compatible with all devices and browsers.

Can I download private videos from Facebook using this tool?

You can download any Facebook video that you have access to. All you need is to get the video URL and you can download that video in mp3 or mp4.

Can I download Live Facebook Videos using FB Downloader?

Yes, you can download any Live Facebook video using our free FB downloader. But you need to wait until the live session is complete.

Is Facebook Video Downloader is Safe and Secure?

Yes, it's 100% safe and secure. This tool doesn't contain any viruses or unwanted programs. Also, we don't save your video content, it's just the process in which we help in order to get your video.

Which browser works with our FB video downloader?

Our free video downloader works with all browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Edge.

Can I download a video from Facebook to my phone?

Yes, with our tool, you can download your favorite videos on your smartphones. Just copy the video link or URL and use FB downloader for downloading your video.

How can I save a video from Facebook to my gallery without any App or software?

You can save your favorite FB videos in your gallery by using Facebook Video Downloader. Our downloader is free and you don't need to install any app or software.